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0.jpg (181 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-17 16:43 upload running more push more heat, with the course of a series of running equipment, to win a favor, science and technology is the key to win, the movement should have the experience of the giant Nike. 1.jpg (154.77 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-17 16:43 upload 2.jpg (180.07 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-17 16:43 upload 3.jpg (183.67 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-17 16:43 upload 4.jpg (184.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-17 16:43 upload 5.jpg (175.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-17 16:43 upload 6.jpg (156.65 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-3-17 16:43 upload 7.jpg (summer 168.6Now many consumers in the purchase of outdoor shoes, will attach great importance to the quality of the shoes, after all, spend a pair of outdoor shoe is not a small number, but when hiking in outdoor climbing, a pair of quality shoes is very important. This raises a question: the use of outdoor classification shoes. On the outdoor shoes, with its classification function, can be divided into five series: "Super Bowl 50" series, as a brand designed for NFL final Super Bowl ready theme how less Nike football's new member field general 2, overwhelmed, field general 2 "50" Super Bowl officially debut, shoe body almost use primarily black, and to the glory of the dark gold outline upper lines and modified details; the color of the item 824471-070, now officially shelves sale. source: NIKENike KD 6 PBJ in circulating on the Internet for a long time, and now have the point of complete map around, color is called "PBJ" comes from Kevin? Durant usual favorite snacks? "Peanut Butter & Jelly"?. With peanut butter and jam the two kinds of food for the inspiration to create a color is very special, in part by the Nike logo on jam like purple, and the body of the shoe uppers? Flywire to air jordan 11 space jam for sale represent the peanut yellow goose to design, at present this? "PBJ" color is not available with the message, please pay close attention to the subsequent detailed information. how, to, get, your, ex, back source: sneakernewszp8497586rq? what would it be if you described NB in a profession? What would it be if you described it in a personality? What about the colors? Maybe the answer in every human heart will not be the same, but the gray NB in a hundred years of history, occupies a position, the Japanese clothing brand? Beauty & Youth to celebrate the 10th anniversary as a representative color for the spindle, not blindly with a single color, but with different levels, different materials create a level of effect which is interesting, because the dark often give people the illusion of the sag, the top side of shoes suede supporting piece, but far to the bottom impression, even if only gray color still gives interesting changes, finally jumped out of the simple design of insole shoe body, with a large number of city image together a rich image, the continuation of Beauty & Youth represents the elements of the 10th anniversary series?. Beauty &: Youth x New Balance 247 Taiwan will be sold in June 24th, including male and female size pricing is NT$3650, the current Beauty & Youth official website has been open pre order. source: Sneaker NewsNike KD 7 with excellent combat performance, has become one of the exclusive shoes universities team, compared to the previous exposure road version, use white as the color is fresh home court base to many, concise design highlights the team represented by color, and small color is a sense of personal preference strong game version, do not know what you love? source: mightyjoyoung3 sports brand expansion in the field of ambition more strong, this year's New York fashion week (NYFW), to Under Armour for eyes, published the Under Armour Sportswear (UAS) is a new series of new people to see for the future layout planning. At the just concluded: soon, foreign media access and the current Under Armour weartesters Ben Pruess sports fashion department president, served seven years of Adida jordans on sale mens s Originals's global vice president, he, with rich experience in the past, will bring a new pattern for UA. in this interview, Ben Pruess roughly describes the establishment of UAS and the purpose of the occasion, and the biggest difference is that UAS invited fashion design background Tim Coppens as a designer. The UAS series is most expected to reflect the needs of the new generation and bring new sports, fashion and apparel. Because of this group of people with age a strong sense of self, and the taste of the clothing requirements are also gradually increased, the past traditional sports apparel and failed to comply with such groups, simply if UA stays in the original sports apparel, that may be offered to young people, but was able to develop a series of UAS wide group. The UAS series will help UA build a bridge across the fashion field, which will have a partial impact on the fashion industry. Pruess also said that now the consumer demand will become increasingly high, they will need to exercise the fashion, innovation and technology into the development of products, so will inevitably add new technology to produce, in the past to use in the fabric of footwear have the opportunity to become the UAS shoe material is at the idea of designer Tim. In summary, the UAS series will be started by a tights sports brand, brought to a higher level, and directly to different areas of the designer as a design director, the use of the advantages of both sides and create a new field. (for more details, see this link) UAS series of shoes, mainly for lifestyle design, and the use of advanced materials, for the UA shoes currently seen, presents a different flavor. Currently on the debut, respectively, UAS Club and UAS Fun Fit Low, which UAS Club launched a high cylinder version. UAS Club the use of high-quality leather shoes collocation of high performance synthetic leather, UAS Fun and Fit Low to the same high quality leather collocation nylon lining, color is more lively, and the two section are the use of EVA in the bottom rubber outsole collocation. It is worth mentioning that, UAS series of shoes logo will be changed to printe jordan 3 katrina 2018 d with 'UAS' triangle logo, rather than the original traditional UA logo. Unde〉ESPN Rovell, reporter Darren Twitter before the new Logo Nike share for the Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving to create the overall design concept, although now used in Logo is not far off, No. 2 consists of the initials KI with the jersey number, but Xiaobian new Logo looks more concise, more the new logo features, whether also means that the future have the opportunity to see Nike launched exclusive signature shoe models for Kyrie Irving? source: Darren Rovell / Sneaker NewsAir Jordan 11 Retro Low will be sold in a particular store tomorrow, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, of course there will be some department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling point of transaction mechanism and the way to the store announcement please. Wuchang 23 a wise movement in the world sports Heng source: EukicksThe new shoe for you previously exposed Jordan Brand brand for the arrival of 30th anniversary preparations, in addition to the appearance of black, also revealed a shoebox package in multiple Paper No. 23 covering a whole shoe design is simple and will focus on the elements of brand trapeze performance, and in the spring of next year we can and to improve the quality of Air Jordan heavy plate and new shoe meet. news source: @DeadstockNYC? as a brand founder Phil Knight's alma mater, see all kinds of special treatment Oregon University athletes can always get Nike also is not so surprising, however, the exposure of the Air Huarache 'Oregon Ducks PE' was a distinct new meaning. The first thing is probably that special feeling on the set of socks designed, can fully feel the shoe development of the Huarache concept, in addition, the tongue and heel tab of the air, Nike Swoosh and Logo burst crack, as never appeared on Huarache elements in Air. Although at first glance some molimen, but rather than simply adjust the color to put a Logo on a job, this transformation may be more in line with the so-called "Player Exclusive" (the players qualified) the tru jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black th! source: Oregon EquipmentObama added elements, let Air Jordan 11Lab4 hot again on a higher level, in addition to black patent leather version is already commercially available, stunning red patent leather version also won a high degree of concern to the market, red dress up, moreish. advertising and marketing company Mccann McCann Erickson Worldwide (World Group) is changing its China strategy, will focus more on helping China's local enterprises to develop overseas brand awareness. John , chairman and chief executive of Dooner, an American public relations firm, said the timing was right for the company to put more resources into Chinese companies". These Chinese companies sell products overseas, but lack the well-known brand image. in recent years, Mccann World Group has been mainly for multinational companies in China to provide marketing services, but Dunel said he believes in helping China's local enterprises there is great potential. , he said, "the 2008 Beijing Olympics provided an opportunity for local businesses to showcase themselves.". Mccann World Group's clients in China include Microsoft, Microsoft, UPS and Intel (Intel). The advertising group is developing marketing strategies for home grown manufacturers such as Midea and other Chinese local groups. Mccann world group and China newspaper group Guangming Daily (Guangming Daily) established a joint venture company, through the company's business in china. foreign PR groups sometimes find it difficult to find a foothold in China, as many local companies often choose to do PR and marketing work or to local PR firms. "I think that's going to change," Dunel said." McCann, shifts, focus, to, Chinese, brands McCann, Erickson, the, advertising, marketing, company, is, shifting, its, Chinese, strategy, to, focus, more, on, assisting,, local, companies,, to, develop, and, brand, recognition, overseas. John, Dooner, chairman)This year, Air Jordan shoes wantonly swept 12 is full of tricks, in addition to the classic color, a variety of production materials to make it more diversified style. After just show you the nylon wool version, vers jordans on sale online ion also re release a real spy group. The use of high-grade leather shoes and a black wool collocation, supplemented by the silver metal decorative details, called the sincerity of the summer. release date: October 1st item: 852627-003Sale price: air-jordan-12-retro-wool-1.jpg (310.47 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 12 Wool real exposure 2016-7-24 10:10 upload air-jordan-12-retro-wool-2.jpg (286.41 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 12 Wool real exposure 2016-7-24 10:10 upload air-jordan-12-retro-wool-3.jpg (384.23 KB, download number: 4) download Air Jordan 12 Wool real exposure 2016-7-24 10:10 upload air-jordan-12-retro-wool-1-1.jpg (357 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 12 Wool real exposure 2016-7-24 10:10 upload air-jordan-12-retro-wool-5.jpg (364.91 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 12 Wool real exposure 2016-7-24 10:10 upload air-jordan-12-retro-wool-4.jpg (377.59 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 10The new season of the NBA has just unveiled the passion drama month, China launched a new shoe campaign [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] NBA new season just last month unveiled the passion drama, just hit a sensitive time several important players and sponsors contract expires, but also happen to encounter a few weighty sports brand adjustment agent signings plan or marketing strategy. These three events conspire happens, rumors have sparked a shockwave effect of China sporting goods industry: Li Ning, Peak and Anta three co-sponsors competition signed Yao Ming. The source said, "Li Ning, Peak and Anta fight a Yao Ming," the rumors are not groundless, based on at least four it has been confirmed beyond doubt. According to one: Yao Ming and sponsors "do not call" not renew almost a foregone conclusion 2003 in October in the NBA When the last two years, Yao Ming and Reebok signed a seven-year contract, it is learned amount of up to $ 50 million. And on the basis of performance in the NBA, Yao Ming, the contract may be extended. If Yao Ming four times in seven years into the All-Star team is selected, both sides of the cheap air jordans contract can be extended to life. However, with the increasing age of Yao Ming, and this summer, she had surgery after aggravating a foot injury, the future status if they would return to the original level of concern. After signing with Yao Ming four years, according to Reebok own accounting, it ranked in the Chinese sports shoe market is only sixth place, far behind other big brands Nike, Adidas, Puma and so on. That year, after signing with Yao Ming, a person Reebok executives had privately predicted that the company will occupy the top spot in the Chinese market in two to three years. Accounting reality and the ideal form predicted a big drop. Another one for Reebok embarrassed that many Chinese consumers the impression that they still think Yao is Nike's signing players. For Yao, Reebok after its signing, except that time in China before and during the Rockets and Kings Olympics have introduced tailored shoes outside, then there is little time for other of promoting initiatives. Most of the time, people look at the NBA is another sign star Yao Ming and Reebok Iverson wore with a shoe. This "man red shoes is not red," the situation has continued to the present. In addition, Yao Ming after wearing Reebok shoes foot constantly, even former Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy after Yao Ming injured toe, directly refute directed at Yao's shoes. because the relationship between Yao Ming, the Rockets played a lot of players, all have been favored by Chinese sports brand, put Chinese companies design and manufacture of shoes. Hayes, Shane Battier, Scola, Dikembe Mutombo, Artest, Francis so tasted a lot of "sweetness." According to legend, Ron Artest and Yao Ming to the Olympic or matchmaking agency, forthright nature Artest, Yao Ming even jokingly said to give a 30% rebate. Today, these current or former teammates through relationships with Chinese brands are too proud, Yao Ming there is a collaboration with Reebok tepid taste. So there is a saying that, on the one hand complain Reebok Yao Ming did not make proper promotion, and no new products to market, China has a lot of fans do not know Yao Ming wearing Reebok shoes; ano buy cheap jordans online ther aspect Reebok believes that smashed so much money, did not see much selling shoes, with a far cry from the original expectations. This time the cooperation for both sides can not be considered satisfactory. However, the industry "do not call" there's another argument for Reebok in cooperation with Yao Ming: There is a dispute between Adidas and Reebok. According to legend, since 2005 Adidas acquired Reebok, Adidas hopes to Yao Ming transferred to its own brand use, on the grounds that it is the use of Yao Ming to promote the brand to have greater resources than Reebok. But Reebok's management expressed opposition to the proposal. The two sides tug of war, may have contributed to Yao cold. For Chinese fans, in addition to Reebok signed Yao Ming in the first two years have seen vigorous advertising, have seen several new products, then never seen Yao Ming Reebok sneakers designed a single. according to two: Artest expiration original owner "ambitious" would start shortly, domestic careful in the new NBA season fans discovered the original Lakers Pick wearing shoes Artest put this back is a new brand. Almost at the same time, many domestic sites reproduced overseas news: American sports brand BALL'N announced, the original Chinese sports brand Pick signing players, members of the Los Angeles Lakers championship Artest officially signed up. This means that after the end of the 2010 Chinese Olympic star line activities, Artest officially broke with the original owner. After this, the Post reporter last week Peak connection related personnel company, the answer is "and Artest's contract has expired, but the renewal of what was to talk about", as A Teste now wear what the company did not respond much. It is reported that Artest signed with Peak is in the end of December 2008, when the Olympic Mutombo also simultaneously with the Rockets, Dallas Mavericks superstar Jason? Jason Kidd, and Los Angeles Lakers Sasha Admiral? Vujacic, the Denver Nuggets star Sonny good? Wei Musi and Cleveland Cavaliers Darnell? Jackson, five NBA players signing. After Artest signing Peak, with outstanding performance in 2009, namely th cheap foamposites e Lakers fancy, completed in the summer of that year from the Rockets move to the Lakers and helped the Lakers to win the NBA in the 2009-2010 season champion. Artest success for the Olympic stadium, of course, also brought no small gains, even doing my part to become the last two years China Olympic star line activities in the main high popularity. According to industry analysts, the Olympic contract expires after Artest did not choose to renew, do not rule out the competition with the participation of relevant Yao Ming. The source believes that the Olympic basketball in recent years, efforts to go the route is very obvious, and NBA basketball is it part of the largest investment projects. For the "ambitious" Pickwick is concerned, there will be greater after Artest NBA star brand. according to three: O'Neal termination heavyweight brand in urgent need of "tonic" rumors of another protagonist is Li Ning. After O'Neal termination, Li Ning into a heavyweight player in urgent need of repair, with "little giant" alternative center rival NBA arena, "Shaq", it seems logical. In addition, there is another rumor, Li Ning is actively seeking in the NBA who has a "averaged 20 + 5 + 5" Capacity players yet to sign Yao Ming did not consider the question. Although this really is not a smokescreen Yao Li Ning released in this battle is hard to say, but in the "Shaq" after the reintroduction of a blockbuster star has put Li Ning plans. based on four: once Hukouduoshi brand strength ambitious Yao Ming rumor also relates to compete Anta, the company in recent years in the NBA The investment is growing. After the Rockets met with Francis and Luis Scola signed this summer from Nike ANTA also grabbed the hands of NBA "Garnett" Garnett, staged Hukouduoshi scene, its purpose Rio basketball market more obvious. Anta summer months report also stressed the importance of the basketball program. Report mentioned numerous Chinese basketball players and fans, basketball will be one of the future focus on three core Anta expansion. From the "half income 3.45 billion yuan, of which 12% for brand promotion," the investment point of vi Retro jordans for sale ew, Anta adequate funding will provide strong backing for its Yao Ming. In addition, the Rockets Anta is still a strategic partner, and the current vice president Zheng Jie before Anta, president of Reebok Greater China, these areas are all in the pursuit of Yao Ming Anta negotiations to increase the advantages of more or less chips. Are strive for signing Yao Ming things, Anta and did not give a clear answer there or not, but said, "As long as there can help improve the image of ANTA professional sports players, ANTA will be included in a comprehensive assessment. " For Yao With age, state of decline will affect their commercial value, industry insiders believe that Yao Ming effect on China and the international market in terms of sports is a phenomenon, he brought not affect just in athletics. This reporter learned that Anta Shizhong, president of the State Sports General Administration recently in Anta's "athlete business support pilot phase wrap-up meeting" is mentioned, in line with this year's State Sports General Administration of China Sports Foundation will be newly established "athlete business support fund" work better, ANTA committed to helping retired athletes to learn and entrepreneurship. He explained that the new work into the annual ANTA "fresh people", which would ultimately retired athletes figure, and they pass their expertise and efforts to play a greater role in the enterprise, many people have got into the manager or higher-level positions. This series of information, although they can not show whether a fancy Yao Anta outside influence in athletics, but the lofty ambitions of the brand but from which you can glimpse evident. Previously it in front of the Nike Plus Hukouduoshi of "brownie points", industry speculation Anta participate Yao Ming of the competition, it will come out ahead. expert opinions need to be alert, "Yao recession" Since Yao Ming in the NBA play score, behind the large number of Chinese support of the fans gave birth to "Yao Ming effect", also contributed to the wave of China's NBA, led the NBA in China's development. A lot of fans because of Yao Ming and fancy NBA Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale , and thus find their idol. This effect Yao also pushed up Shane Battier, Aaron Brooks, Ron Artest and some active duty or former Rockets player popularity in China. In China, these teammate Yao Mingguang soiled ever has a huge fan of the team, which in the NBA and not too bright, "teammate Yao" a moment some sports brands competing to become the object of contract. Now, although people can return to the peak Yao's return if there are concerns, but the industry has been the view that the impact of Yao Ming phenomenon has been brought about not only in terms of sports competition. Heavily punched Yao Ming, the Chinese shoe fancy more iconic role of Yao Ming and unparalleled popularity, in addition to Yao Ming has brought hope that with the signing of the hot product, but also hopes to "Yao Ming effect" to stimulate the growth of the stock market. long been concerned about the NBA Po Kwong strong network of celebrities in an interview with Post reporters, he proposed an alternative view. In his view, in fact, Yao Ming's influence on the decline, while Yao Ming's influence decline will affect the NBA in China's market. "As a long-term observation NBA crowd, we are more concerned about the '20 +10 'Yao Ming can continue to state what time. Now, we believe that the status of Yao Ming in the fall." He said, players With age, and a new injury, old wounds continue to interact with the upgrade, the state decline is inevitable, many people plummeted after the difficult return to peak condition. When one day, Yao Ming of the data, such as scoring less than 10 time-sharing, perhaps Yao Ming will never attract so much attention to the Chinese fans, but there is no Yao Ming, NBA future impact of China does not make people look good. "Before Yao Ming, Big Zhi and battle all NBA players. However, the battle to play Big Zhi NBA, but not many Chinese fans concerned about, because they are NBA bench role." he said. . Rockets in the NBA is flowing downwards, but many Chinese fans are very concerned that the main reason is that Yao Ming, the Rockets Chinese fans as the home team. Po Kwong strong recommendation, Chinese companies want to open their own markets by NBA, the first to be based on Chinese players in the NBA to make a difference on, attracting the attention of fans through China Chinese players. Thus, in addition to signing foreign players, Chinese companies can also create a culture domestic potential players to the NBA to new ways.fresh, simple, winter and autumn, and Xiao Bian feel that the most commonly used term is "to meet the autumn and winter atmosphere", ah, there are wood! So you can see, in fact, each season of a single product in the color is a consensus. So the sports brand new days before the launch of the PUMA PUMA XS850 Calm; "Natural" color also make people feel the winter low-key. The selection of the color of the gray suede, mesh, leather and other different materials cover, with a sense of hierarchy and fresh and simple texture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- 5 star demo, so it will be #xx out of entertainment # [pro test available] in order to go to Instagram, you can go to a few do? 3 bursts! By the end of 2013, the market Air Jordan 13 list up position! Five Japanese top brands of jeans to become the trendsetter to tide while the 3 / H hayashio package is not bad Street Community - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - has a yard! perfect tone quality! Overkill x KangaROOS 2014 fall Ultimate "Craftsman Champions" series retro means Nike, Air, Huarache, Light, Ash, Grey, JD, Sports, LIMITED comments on last article: Overkill x KangaROOS 2014 fall Ultimate "Craftsman Champions" series next: Retro means Nike, Air, Huarache, Light, Ash, Grey, JD, Sports, LIMITED Y-3 today launched a new Kozoko version of Kozoko Low High high tube, this will bring you the first black and white color details appreciatd. Kozoko High shoes with leather and avant-garde neoprene with production, while the toe into contrast with the synthesis of cladding, with striking Y-3 L〉 twenty-second day before New Balance sports brand; for its popular Made in running shoes; USA 1400 released a new "Catch-22" color. The shoes at the American writer Joseph Heller during World War II and the novel "Catch-22" (the "twenty-second rules") for inspiration, combined with suede, mesh and leather shoes which use the brown color, with large gray blue and red details to create a rich sense of. American production and attack, ready to hand it? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- , see, crash, eat, vomit, dark cuisine, University, DIY, Chen Bing has been blasting is a good sound champion Na Ying inventory group will , stop staring at my shoe soles! Soles are so beautiful, walking love / ten years trend within ten years so many stars from the stem from the tide brand practical guide / catch the shoes, this shot only to force lattice - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - , this mask! I see line (type)! T-shirt, T-shirt, you are my big tree full black color Nike Air Max 90 Essential brand new color black camouflage PUMA FTR Disc Lite Rugged "Black Camo" reviews : "full black, Nike Air Max 90, Essential, new colors," next: Black Camo, PUMA, FTR, Disc, Lite, Rugged, Black, Camo recently hot sports brand Reebok this season with the classic Instapump Fury as the blueprint and extension of the new outline of the advent of Furylite will get a lot of attention. The brand for the design of two kinds of pure black and white Furylite build, make use of web materials of large area ventilation to make shoes, and equipped with strong grip flexible soles, very all-match. I would like to consider these brand new shoes if you like to play with Instarpump, Fury, and others! 's high-profile Nike Sportswear and Givenchy creative director, Riccardo Tisci, have been officially released by the government! This series contains Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Low, Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Mid, Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Hi and Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Boot four Air Force 1 type of shoes, the first foot Rihanna Low demonstration. It is reported that the white version will be officially limited to the global designated shop on March 21st, the black version is scheduled to be listed in May. source: SIZE continues the new color / Adidas Stan Smith "Elephant Leather" color matching for the first time / CONVERSE & HANCOCK VULCANISED ARTICLES review last article: continue new color / Adidas Stan Smith "Elephant Leather" color next article: first cooperation / CONVERSE & HANCOCK VULCANISED ARTICLES #Nike Running Shoes# Nike before the 2013 winter series add more members, again by the majority of runners hot running shoes Roshe Run back, and launched a new series for suede. The series will provide light / dark gray and black / black two colors to choose from, the new Roshe Run as in the past the net surface as a vamp, again in the middle panel together on the formation of Nike through the perforated suede, Logo shape above. It is equipped with a thick white sole, and the heel is provided with a pull ring to make it easier to wear. # AJ# Air Jordan XX8 SE new camouflage color series # stars Shayan Afshar x # shoes Del Toro 10K Yellow Gold S〉 cool breeze hit / Reebok GL 6000 brand new "Cool Breeze" color has sprung up to welcome a new round of summer. After the streets are Air Jordan after the baptism, whether there will be fatigue? Recently, Reebok for its retro model GL 6000 launched a new "Cool Breeze" color. The classic profile with two warm fusion shoes, very suitable for girls with fresh. Like friends, do not miss. once again hand in hand / Diemme x Vans Vault joint series colorful Offspring / X Saucony Shadow 6000 "Running Since... 96" joint running shoes review last article: hand in hand / Diemme x Vans Vault joint series next article: colorful single step / Offspring x Saucony Shadow 6000, "Running Since... 96" joint running shoes Air Jordan 4 on the "Green Glow" shoes news, we should have heard earlier. This pair of Air Jordan "Green Glow" in black tone, designers are in the heel, tongue back, shoelace buckle and sole design adding luminous green, even in the night also can not hide its light. Sneakers are priced at $$160, and it's going to be quicker. 89 Preview review last article: suede and canvas joint, Vans Syndicate Chima Pro S shoes next article: Air Jordan 1 Retro '89 White/Cement Grey-Black shoes Preview

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